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What is DHTML?

DHTML isn't a language in itself. It is a collection of languages, mainly HTML,CSS and Javascript which is the main driving force behind it, because Javascript is a programming language. DHTML stands for Dynamic HTML.

What is DHTML
What can DHTML do?

Well I built this site in a sort of retro way, or I hope I have, because DHTML as was, isn't used much now, but I built loads of programs back in the day of it, so wanted a place to put them. However DHTML could do anything really, it could build apps, programs of things like Calendars like on my apps page and also games, all sorts of games. This was mostly Browser based, although there is a way to make them Desktop Apps.

If it's that good why don't we still use it?

The reason why it's not used as much now is because it was a right pain to get every browser to render it the same way, so there was more code to write for different browsers. However in a way HTML5 is basically a modern twist on DHTML, maybe it should be called DHTML5, old wine in new bottles so to speak and we have it rendering well, although there is room for improvement.

Why are you still writing old DHTML?

Most of these apps are written mostly years ago, I've just modified them so they are Responsive and work in all browsers, although IE9 and under I won't write for and because I didn't want years of work to be wasted. I have lost so many programs that were in Beta version so this is a place where I can put finished or nearly finished stuff up.

All work on the Apps page was written by me, some of it is by today's standards quite ugly code, but I've checked them out on quite a few devices and they seem to work.

I also hope to put some more programs up when I get time and inclination.

Hope you enjoy the site and any questions just contact me at the Contact form.

The App Factory

Please note that these programs have been tested on all the main browsers
but some might not work as good as others due to the age of some of the apps

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